Executive Search Services

Preliminary Consultation             A thorough familiarization of your organization, and the position to include on-site interviews to become knowledgeable about the performance standards, management style, and chemistry of the work group.

In-depth HR Briefing                    Meetings with the appropriate individual(s) in the Human Resources Department to review your prior experience in recruitment for the position, and understand the specific challenges facing the search.

Position Profiling                          Development of benchmarks to measure candidate qualifications to include relevant experience needed, core competencies, desired personality traits, work habits, and other attributes for the right "fit" for you.

Recruitment Strategy                   Vigorous sourcing and outreach using a variety of direct contact techniques to reach individuals who may be ideal candidates. We work closely with the hiring manager to identify likely sources, especially those who work in your immediate and surrounding region for contact about the position.

Thorough Screening                    Based on our years of experience in non-profit management and fundraising, we conduct a careful review of resumes for relevant accomplishments, experiences, and skills, including in-depth interviews.

Reference Checking                    Our approach includes a review of both the candidate's technical capabilities, as well as his/her work and management style, and ability to effectively interact with the community and co-workers.

Pre-Interview Briefings               Prior to the actual interviews, we are in touch with each finalist candidate, thoroughly briefing them to ensure that the interview has the best chance to produce maximum results for candidate and organization.

Post-Interview Briefings              Immediately after the finalist interviews, we contact both the client and the candidate to garner critical perceptions and continue to be available to assist the parties to a successful job placement.

Contact Us

To learn more about using our services, or for information about positions that are open, click here or email your interest in confidence to: steve@meyerson-associates.com.